Schwarze Prinzessin
Let’s leave aside “all is bad”-people and “i’m the perfect”-people and talk about those, who try to evolve. So. I was recently deeply shaken with one fact…

There are some people, who are climbing their fate like the rocks: they’re climbing, falling down, getting hurt, draw conclusions and climbing again…and falling again. In short, they’re in the full contact with their palms, knees and feet with the surface, with the system.

And i realize that i never had such kind of experience in my life. As if i’m soaring above that rocks without any direction. Just above, over matter. Like a helicopter pilot or an eagle, but unlike those i don’t need fuel or food – all what i see or intuitively perceive energizes me. Or like a cloud. When i’m getting tired, i just go down like fog, dissolving and spreading thinly, however not come into contact with the surface. My experience is chaotic and as if coming from outside…as if got from those hurt people. It would seem i can’t evolve? No, i definitely can, ‘cuz i’m not perfect and constantly changing. It doesn’t concern ideology (f.e. “earlier i hated ppl, and now i don’t”)…i’m changing qualitatively within in purpose of sharing my knowledge, of harmonizing this full of pain world… Sad, but true, apparently, no one is able to raise his head and open his soul to accept my good intentions.

And now i wonder if the similar energy beings exist?

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